Elisabeth Rønbeck (1967)

I am a contemporary art photographer from Tromsø, Norway, and currently living in Sarpsborg. I studied art photography at Derby Univerity, England. I am using the camera to investigate the photograpic fields of power which define the world we live in.

The photographic visual code is constructing our world in the way we are looking at it,

by altering our notion of what is worth looking at and what we have the right to observe.

Photograps are grammar, the grammar of the looking eye.

My photograpic artwork is surrounded by my interest in people, culture, society and the nature we live in. In my most recent work I investigate plastic industrial products and plastic waste by focussing on materials of various shapes, sizes and colours used in a wide range of products. In parallel I focuss on the environmental problems which have increased since plastics came into our world.